About us

Meet "Mr. Steve"...
Raised in Denver, owner Steve Schwartz realized his life’s passion early in his youth. Sporting his favorite button down shirts, polo tees and cool trousers, his love for fashion and his own trendsetting style steered him on the path that would lead him to his later successes and ultimate dream job.

Always helping his family with gifts for their friends and other family, Steve’s passion and expertise grew to include finding the most unique gift items and home furnishings that would best reflect the individual. Of course, the gift or item would echo his philosophy of “It’s first class or nothing!”

Steve began his career at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. He went on to assist with the wardrobe selections for shows like Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing to name just a few! He continued his retail experiences in other establishments that specialized in gifts, home furnishings and personal shopping for the elite.
Upon moving to New York City in 1987, Steve worked on the famed Madison Avenue in retail and then became a sales representative in the gift and home furnishings area.

Steve, along with his husband of whom he met in 1983, would visit family in Indiana where his partner is originally from. It was upon one fateful visit that Steve realized that the next chapter of his life would have him move to Zionsville, where he would open his store. Today, having realized his dream job, Steve continues to pride himself in offering the most unique and incredible children’s clothing lines, gifts, toys/books, pet items. Maintaining his expertise in finding new lines and items that are intriguing and unique,

Steve is a trendsetter in his industry. His unwavering commitment to personalized customer service and a strong sense of community awareness makes him an asset to the local community.

“Seeing a family come in with a new baby or their children and then watching them change, grow up and develop into so many wonderfully amazing, zany, awesome personalities is what makes my job worthwhile!”

Items featured on our website are but a very small representation of the collections and selections of what we have to offer in our store. Please note that we hand select the best, most unique items and apparel from our vendors’ collections and order in small quantities to ensure exclusivity! We invite you to visit our store to view our products in person and or call 317-733-3400 for special order inquiries and additional information!